Building An Ecosystem Of Wellbeing To Be Focus Of Seventh Annual Lake Nona Impact Forum In Orlando, Florida

Sanjay Gupta, MD speaking at the 2018 Lake Nona Impact Forum in Orlando, Fla.

More than 250 of the nation’s leading health care entrepreneurs and innovators, academics, government officials, cultural ambassadors, sports figures and other thought leaders will explore, discuss and develop solutions to improve global approaches to enhancing wellbeing and health at the 2019 Lake Nona Impact Forum held Feb. 20-22 in Lake Nona, Orlando, Fla. The forum, which echoes the vision of Lake Nona, a well-regarded, forward-thinking wellness community, will feature a series of in-depth, collaborative discussions about innovative approaches to health and wellbeing, including identifying the ways that music and art can impact and improve brain health, how innovations from space are leading to health and human performance on earth and how virtual reality and augmented reality can positively impact mental wellbeing. Read more here.