Central Florida Tech Alliance Shuts Down

A statement on their LinkedIn page:

The Board of Directors of the Central Florida Tech Alliance is announcing the dissolution of the organization, effective immediately. CFTA was born as Orlando Regional Tech Association in 2018 with the goal of connecting Orlando technology practitioners. Lots of great folks from amazing local companies came together, however, the financial approach employed proved to be unsustainable. We remain deeply committed to the Greater Orlando community and will continue to serve in future iterations of Orlando tech leadership. Make no mistake, while CFTA may be closing its doors, the community is in great shape. There are a great events and admirable efforts to look forward to in the coming months. From our team to yours, we hope to see you there, and to identify new ways we can organize to contribute to our region.

A statement from the CFTA Chairman Adam Scheinberg on the Orlando Tech Facebook page:

“As we said in the LinkedIn post, this is mostly due to a financial model that didn’t pan out. We had some fantastic organizations involved – some of the most active in Central Florida – and we’re all still supporters of local tech initiatives. Trite as it may sound, we’ve learned from it and we’re stronger for it. I have complete confidence in Orlando’s tech community going forward”.