SeedFundersOrlando Invests In First Portfolio Company Blue Halo BioMedical

SeedFundersOrlando announces today that it has made its first portfolio company investment in Blue Halo BioMedical, an Orlando medtech startup commercializing a revolutionary advancement in catheter technology for urologic patients.

Blue Halo’s Blue Halo Coil Catheter is a superior alternative to the 80-year old design of traditional Foley catheters.  Blue Halo’s catheter does not require an external collection device, has a superior flow rate, reduces the rate of urinary tract infections, and improves the quality of life in urologic patients.

“We are thrilled to become SeedFundersOrlando’s first portfolio company,” said Tony Ruben, CEO at Blue Halo BioMedical.  “SeedFundersOrlando is helping Central Florida startups get their product to market, and we look forward to being their first success as we work to commercialize the truly innovative Blue Halo Coil Catheter”

SeedFundersOrlando is an angel capital organization with a mission to provide investment capital, mentoring, and connections to pre-revenue, high-growth Orlando technology startups to accelerate their growth and success. Its members are world-class entrepreneurs with early-stage venture operational experience who have founded, scaled, and exited companies and believe that smart investments in emerging startup companies will benefit both their portfolios and Central Florida’s innovation economy.

 “We were presented with the opportunity to make our first portfolio investment to the entrepreneur winning the Pitch Madness contest at Synapse Orlando,” said Dennis R. Pape, CEO of SeedFundersOrlando.  “With the startup field narrowed to three finalists, each remaining entrepreneur answered thought-provoking questions that got to the heart of how they think about scaling their startup.  Tony emerged as the clear winner. Blue Halo has made a major advancement in catheter technology and we’re confident Tony and his team at Blue Halo will revolutionize their industry.”